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Community Champions

Money Savvy Community Champions receive their certificates

Southwark Citizens Advice Bureaux and partner agencies have set up a new project to try and help tenants in these difficult times. Over the next 5 years we want to reach 10,000 Housing Association and Council Tenants, living in Southwark helping with issues such as:

  • Knowing where to get specialist help if they have debt, benefit or housing problems
  • Advice on in work benefits, and budgeting for things like travel and childcare if they are looking for a job
  • Prioritising bills, particularly rent payments
  • The true cost of high cost credit such as pay day loans and borrowing from doorstep lenders
  • How to save money on fuel and other bills

To do this we need your help

Part of our project is to recruit, train and support 250 Money Champions. These will be people who are active in their local area, and the kind of people that others go to when they need some information or advice.

The CAB is seeing a huge increase in people in difficulty because of welfare benefit changes and low wages. We know however that there are people who don’t know where to go for help, but may speak to their neighbours who they trust.

We have developed a series of workshops for Money Champions, and would like to invite you to attend these. Download the workshop details at the bottom of this page.

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Feedback from our Money Champions

"I decided to attend the money champion training, as I felt it was important to be able to support people in my community with some of the challenges of life and help them to make informed choices. The training gave me good insight into what’s on offer so that I can share this with my community"

“Having spent a lot of time (and money) attending courses to be a NHS Health Trainer, but becoming too ill to be able to accept any work, the concept of being able to help people in the local Community and therefore not have all my efforts go to waste was irresistible. I even got to know another member of my TRA (I’m a brand new recruit to that too) much better and we plan to work together - which is good. The CC training was not only very informative but also rather enjoyable. And I look forward to attending the updates too."

“I enjoyed my money champion training meeting other people and wanting to help my community with advice and money problems. Most people at our TRA are on benefits of some sort and have problems with there rent and other money problems if I can help in a way then it benefits me and the community thank you.”

“I attended the Money Champion training because I wanted to learn more about how I could help to empower my local community, with practical advice and tips to help them save money. I enjoy learn new things which I can use immediately to help myself and other local residents.”

“I enjoyed the Money Champion training as it was easy to understand, delivered locally in an enjoyable and fun way which helped me to understand how basic information can help to equip you to make more informed choices about money, debt, benefits etc which can improve your financial situation. I got a new range of knowledge which I have used with family, friends and the wider community to help them make better financial choices, especially in these challenging economic times."

"I attended Money Champion Training to follow my passion of helping people with their finances. I have personally gone through a time in my life where my finances were in shambles and I had no clue what to do. Learning about money and how I can manage my money better gave me a new lease on life. I then made up my mind to learn and teach others good money management skills which I have been doing. When I heard of the Community Champions programme I knew this is another opportunity to learn and to help people in my community who are facing financial challenges."

"After the training, I have more knowledge of welfare benefits, beneficial credit to the residents and management of bills and debts. The training helped me to gain confidence in communicating effectively about financial issues to residents. I have the knowledge of where to signpost residents for more information and advice for their financial issues."